Aether Mod for Minecraft [1.5.2/1.6.2/1.7.2/1.6.4/1.6.2]

Aether Mod for Minecraft [1.7.2/1.6.4] And Aether II Mod for Minecraft [1.5.2/1.6.2]


The Aether II is the sequel to the Aether I. Much has changed since the days of the Aether I, but it still remains a collaboration between people from various different disciplines with a shared goal of creating a new and unique dimension.Is This Heaven? A Look at the Aether Mod for MineCraft


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Video How to install the Aether Mod on Minecraft 1.0

Aether II Mod Features:.
The Aether introduces several big mechanical components to improve the experience both in the Aether and almost everywhere else in Minecraft.
Aether II Mod Party System.
To start with is the party system. Previously in Minecraft, the only real means to form a team with others without needing to fret about points such as pleasant fire were from overlaying plugins such as factions or towny over a Minecraft server. Now with the event system, you can form a celebration with your friends, full with an overlay UI which allows you see that’s in your event, their wellness, their hunger, their shield and the amount of pieces they have, without the need for plugins! Gamers could name their very own event, and the maximum party dimension is 10 gamers.
Aether II Mod Dungeons.
Among the features we have worked with for this launch is the dungeon system. This system isolates dungeons from the primary globe and functions with the event system. Dungeon blocks regenerate instantaneously if cracked, implying no one could acquire inside despite imaginative mode. As opposed to players rushing in to a dungeon and demolishing whatever’s there and looting, the dungeon system requires gamers to form an event initially. When the celebration is ready, you simply right-click on the dungeon door and everybody confirms if they’re prepared. Because an event can just have up to 10 gamers, dungeons will certainly provide a good difficulty to players. Just one event could be existing in a dungeon at any type of provided time.

Dungeons have three methods. The very first method is “available” implying the dungeon is free of cost for any kind of celebration to enter. The 2nd method is “occupied”, meaning a party is already inside the dungeon. The third mode is “conquered”, which occurs after a gamer in your celebration has actually worn down that dungeon. A dungeon ends up being exhausted for a gamer either after the player finishes it or leaves when inside the dungeon 3 times.

This stops players from running the very same dungeon for easy loot. Dungeons additionally regrow their graft, mini-bosses and employers after a party leaves it, meaning that content is readily available for other celebrations. This ensures everybody acquires a chance at dungeons, as opposed to whoever arrives initially.
The initial dungeon that this mod had actually added is the Sliders’ Labyrinth. This dungeon expands an entireisland, suggesting you’ll have no shortage of graft to grab, enemies to eliminate or chambers to discover!
The dungeon has 3 mini employers which should be beat before you could access to the last employer, the Slider. There’s a few brand-new twists with this employer, so be cautious!

Aether II Mod Moas

Moas, peaceful and majestic giant birds, populate the Aether in three different colours: Blue, White and Black. Wild Moas cannot be tamed, but they do occasionally drop eggs of their respective colour. These eggs can be incubated with the Incubator block (using Ambrosium Torches). Once incubated, they can be fed with the Aechor Petals of Aechor Plants. They require 8 petals in total to grow, but are not always hungry and will occasionally refuse your offer (which can be done by right clicking them with the Aechor Petal). When grown, you have now completely tamed the Moa, and a saddle can be placed on their backs to ride. Blue Moas can perform 3 mid-air jumps, White Moas can perform 4 mid-air jumps, and Black Moas can perform 8 mid-air jumps.

Aether II Mod Flying Pigs

Flying Pigs can also be found wandering around the Aether, and occasionally flying freely through the air. These creatures can be saddled with a Saddle, and flown around without having to deal with a taming process. This allows players to quickly hop into the action. However, Flying Pigs can only jump once, and do not have the privilege of mid-air jumps like the powerful flying Moas.

Aether II Mod Aerwhales

Aerwhales, the gentle giants of the Aether, can be found floating in the horizon, munching on Golden Oaks and strips of Blue Aerclouds as the sun climbs higher in the sky. When the sun falls.

Aether II Mod Cockatrices

Cockatrices crawl away from their well-hidden nests, ready to attack. Peaceful as they may seem, these deadly birds shoot poisonous needles at you when provoked. They are one of the few hostile mobs in the Aether.


- Fixed a crash with Swetty Balls.

- Added 16 new “Official” servers. Should be way more stable.


How to install Aether Mod for Minecraft:

    1. Back-up minecraft.jar every time you download a Mod.
    2. Find run/%appdata%/.minecraft/bin
    3. Open up minecraft.jar using winrar.
    4. Delete Meta-inf.
    5. Download and Install AudioModModloader, ShockAhPI
    6. Download Aether Mod.
    7. Drag all the files inside “Jar” folder into minecraft.jar
    8. Merge the “resources” folder that is inside Aether Mod with the “resources” folder of .minecraft.
    9. Play!

Mod Download Links:

For  Manual & 1.6.2

Aether 2 Mod: Download from Server 1 -*- Download from Server 2

Player Core API:Download from Server 1 -

The Threaded Lightning: Download from Server 1



Exe: Download from Server

For 1.7.2 / 1.6.4

Aether 2 for Minecraft 1.7.2 / 1.6.4 (Work in progress)

Download Aether Mod 2: (V.1.02):


FOR 1.5.2: AETHER-II-MOD-1.5.2.ZIP (113.3 MB)

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