San Andreas Map

San Andreas Map

Map Description:

A fast-paced map, made by tributes for tributes – designed for tons of action, ambushes, sudden deaths, sniper duels, crazy chases…

Arena is inspired by the legendary San Andreas – but its not just a plain remake of the city in Minecraft – it is modified for the best Survival Games experience.


  • 260 block radius
  • 200+ chests + hidden containers with unusual and custom loot
  • redstone puzzles, traps
  • 4 crafting tables
  • landscape designed for the most exciting and epic chases/fights
  • not built on flatland
  • locations of chests, workbenches, enchanting tables are very well-considered

Map Screenshots:

c8b4abc492dc5c1c351466d8f3660f58 San Andreas Map

6141351546118f6c5b5a81d8a8664ccf San Andreas Map

370bfa1baef8be8ab9d43a8cdd58fd3f San Andreas Map

1bf8fb9267b160ded574bdfc4635cda0 San Andreas Map

197b5e3578a1020b6dd7df4b6b8ca6c2 San Andreas Map

dfd782e8836583deec922c479d4e1e1c San Andreas Map

00cfe82ec58cc96310a84b1ed3688b83 San Andreas Map

1bd3140f93010c5cf13ba90c4f8b35b2 San Andreas Map

3d2533cc98b729e84f31ec92155e147c San Andreas Map

9a09fb3af2dc47acd6422b83635c90ac San Andreas Map

Map Cinematic Video:


  • Chests are not filled (it would take forever to fill them) – use SG plugin
  • This map does not count with players taking stuff from item frames – if its possible to do on MCSG servers, we will remove them
  • Gamerule doFireTick is recommended to be turned off

How to install San Andreas Map:

  • Download the map
  • Go to %appdata%
  • Go to .minecraft
  • Go to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves
  • Drag map folder into it
  • Start minecraft
  • Play it

San Andreas Map Download Links:!jcshWIwa!ZeGffC_sx8aRyV1qkJgmLXa42AcJG1kfsU7MzaSGtNA

Credits: Raymancaster


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